Babysitting rates

Babysitting rates in  Washington DC

Once our agency accepts a family into our agency we charge a $300 non-refundable registration fee and sign a contract to begin the search for a permanent nanny or part time babysitter. This initial fee covers our costs of screening potential candidates and our nanny and babysitter matchmaking service plus the ongoing support and guidance that we provide. One a family has successfully matched with either a nanny or babysitter to fill their childcare position, the employer, the family, will negotiate the nanny’s or babysitter’s salary directly with the candidate. The average range for live-out nannies is $16-20 per hour. This does not include overtime. Plus, remember the salary should be based on experience and academic background of the person. Keep in mind nannies with high qualifications are highly desired and can ask for competitive salaries. The salary of a live-in nanny varies based on the requirements of the position and the nanny’s experience. Room and board are also factored into the amount paid. But most are paid live- in rates somewhere between $500- $1200 per week.  A live in nanny must be provided her own private room and bathroom. The other factor in negotiations is the job description and the list of responsibilities and in addition the number and age of the children.

Part time babysitter rates are usually from $10- $15 dollars an hour depending on hours, responsibilities, area, and the candidate. Some employers also choose to compensate the cost of travel or travel time. Remember this is the person who will be taking care of your child this is not the time to be frugal, but prudent. Quality candidates are highly desirable. Also employees that are treated and paid well work much better and have better relationship with their employers. In addition appropriate compensation minimizes turn-over and helps establish stability which is extremely important for children. We help arrange the legal team to write an appropriate and fair contract for both parties. The support is a part of our services.

Our agency charges a placement fee of $2,500 for a fulltime nanny live in. We charge $2000 for a fulltime live out nanny and $1000 for a part time nanny. We charge $300 for a babysitter placement. Remember a part time nanny and part time babysitter are differently qualified and they have different job descriptions and responsibilities. If, for any reason, the placement is not satisfactory and is terminated in the first 120 days of the nanny’s or babysitter’s employment, we offer you a partial refund and help with a future search.  This credit is pro-rated based on the number of days that the employee was in the position. Our Placement Agreement contract will provide a detailed outline of all of the terms and fees mentioned and appropriate reasons for termination. This is very rare in our agency and we work hard for stability and successful matches. In addition Washington DC babysitters is always there for our clients to offer them support, counsel, and professional advice when they need it.